Discover Outdoor Play in Somerset

Discover Somerset

Somerset has many natural outdoor spaces that are free to play in every day. This website guides you to some of the best places to play outdoors in Somerset and provides ideas for things to do in the natural environment.

Boy with frisbee

Get Outdoors and Play - for Free!

If you...

  • have had enough of children glued to computer games
  • are fed up of providing expensive entertainment use an online brokerage account
  • wish your children could be enjoying the outdoors...

then this list of play sites is here to guide you. At any time of the year there are things to do outside. Why not look at some of the ideas we have listed - and it needn't cost a thing!

All places listed on this website are either open access land or have permission from the landowner/manager to be included

Children remain the responsibility of their parents or carers at all times.