Play Sites

Here is our list of places to play in Somerset where children can explore, where they can use their imaginations and be creative, where they can be naturally active - and have fun!


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The Best Natural Spaces in Somerset!

All the places listed on this site have been visited by play workers to make sure they are good places to play in. They are all free to access but occasionally there may be a small charge for parking. We have included places that are within towns as well as places further afield that need transport.

Our partners include some of the major landowner / managers in the county and they are happy for children to play naturally. All they ask is that children respect the places they visit and do not cause any damage or interfere with habitats such as nests. Please do not light fires as they can get out of hand and spread fast in woods and forests. Play safe!

All places listed on this website are either open access land or have permission from the landowner / manager to be included. Children remain the responsibility of their parents or carers.