boy upside down in treeInterested in Outdoor Play?

If you are interested in outdoor play and would like more information, here are some resources that you may like to explore.


Somerset Play Forum is a network of people in Somerset who are passionate about children's play. Find out more about their work and membership at

Web resources

Playing on the Wildside is a comprehensive resource pack produced by the Playwork Partnership. Visit the Outdoor Play section of their website at

Play England has a range of useful resources on children's natural play. Available to download at


Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv is a really good read on why playing in nature is so good for children. Available to buy from See also an article published in The Guardian

No Fear by Tim Gill is a brilliant book about the problems our children face growing up in a 'cotton wool' society. You can buy it from


Now is the moment to get children playing outdoors again - an article written by Fiona Reynolds for The Guardian in 2012, it discusses ways and ideas to get children out in the wild again. Read the whole article here

Why your children should be playing outside this winter

Play England has found that while 72% of adults preferred playing outside when they were younger, only 40% of today’s children would choose outdoor play over time spent in front of the TV or computer. This article looks at why this is the case and why we need to change it” ARTICLE