Why Play Outdoors?

muddy boyCan you remember your favourite memories of playing as a child? Ask almost any adult this and and it will have been outdoors, often out of sight of adults. Memories of playing with sticks, climbing trees, building dens, playing in rivers and getting muddy are very common.

Freedom to play

girl runningUnfortunately today's children do not enjoy the same freedom to play outdoors as their parents or grandparents did. Lots of children are not allowed further than their own garden or the end of their road.

Children today are supervised more than ever before, meaning they have less chance to play freely, develop independence and learn from their mistakes.

"Playing is what I do when everyone has stopped telling me what to do"

Benefits of outdoor play

As the partners who have put this website together our shared belief is that:

children playing with leaves

  • children love playing outdoors
  • children need adventure and challenge in their play
  • children today are wrapped in 'cotton wool' too much
  • play is how children learn life skills that can't be taught
  • children's physical and emotional health will benefit
  • children will value the natural environment more

For more information on outdoor play visit our resources page.