More Outdoor Play Ideas

children flying a kiteFly a kite
Where there is open ground and a bit of wind, flying a kite can give hours of fun. Just a simple kite will do for children to master the art of flying - an old fashioned pastime but it is still a good outdoor activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. If you don't have a kite, a frisbee is good fun too.

pebble picturesMake a pebble picture
Collect small pebbles or stones and arrange them into a picture on the ground. You could also decorate with shells, flowers, moss, seaweed and other things you find lying around.

leaf boatMake a leaf boat
Another thing to do where there is water. Find one or two large strong leaves and lay them one on top of the other to make the boat part. Now find a straight thin twig and one good leaf. Poke the twig through near the bottom of the leaf and then near the top of the leaf - this becomes the sail. Make a hole through the leaf boat and push the end of the sail into it. Now you're ready to sail it.

girl carrying brackenBuild a den
Everyone likes dens - even grown ups. But don't let them take over building it! Please don't break down trees or branches but look for loose stuff lying around. Find a few tall strong poles and arrange them into a wigwam shape. Collect bracken, smaller branches and twigs that are lying around and lay them against the wigwam until it is covered up, except for an opening. Start with a small den to see how you get on.

snow angelMake a snow angel
Simple! Just lie in the snow and move your arms up and down to make a shape.This is sometimes called a snow angel.